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How Live Webinar Can Help Your Company Grow

The 4 Key Business Benefits of Live Webinars

You Want to Start a Podcast But...

1. Reach and Engagement

  • Problem: Physical events are only accessible to those able to attend. 
  • How Can Live Webinars Help? Companies can leverage existing robust technology and platforms to scale their event.

2. Evergreen Content

  • Problem: Physical events do not offer readily restorable content.
  • How Can Live Webinars Help? Live Webinars provide content that can be redistributed; repurposed and re-shared. Enables the speaker and spectator to replay content.

3. Investment

  • Problem: Financial costs devoted to logistics (transportation; speakers; food) rather than content.
  • How Can Live Webinars Help? Removal of time and travel constraints incentivises more spectators to engage with content.

4. Speakers

  • Problem: Some quality speakers cannot be easily sourced due to distance or staggered time zones.
  • How Can Live Webinars Help? You can activate a network of quality speakers to increase outreach.  

Live Webinar Case Studies

Case Study: Esports Asia TV

eSports may be the hottest item in the digital world right now, but let’s spare a minute thinking about the lifestyle of the athletes who make it possible. Sure, they are raking in the big competition bucks but many had to face massive rejection from family and friends to get there in the first place. And then there’s the 14 hours of playing the games day in, day out (out of which 9-10 is a contractual obligation) just to qualify for the world championships. 

Webinar Objectives - 
- Leverage online network of trophy guests
- Engage with more people to acquire more recognition and promotions on Youtube

Esports Asia TV Live Show - In this podcast, we invite hosts Andi and Sabir to share their own insights. Throughout eighteen episodes they are joined by leaders including Ivan Yeo (CEO and Co-Founder of EVOS Esports); Alan Chou (CEO of; and Benjamin Ang (Managing Director of Genesis Motion Design). 
Case Study: Pitchdeck Asia

Pitchdeck Asia is a megaphone for the Asian Startup Ecosystem powered by Pikkal and hosted by Graham D Brown. We give Startups a platform to tell their story. We call this the “longform pitch”. There are 5 million startups in Asia. Most of these startups are “ugly”. Not personal. The best ones don’t ace pitch competitions. In fact, this thesis is supported by many leading investors such as Jason Calacannis and Paul Graham (Y-Combinator) who said “The best ideas are often disguised as bad ideas”.

Webinar Objectives -
- Amplify the stories of leaders to existing and new audiences.

Pitchdeck Asia Live Show - The current models of connecting the key stakeholders (pitch competitions, demo days, speed dating, angel networks) are broken. By giving Founders an opportunity to tell their startup story on their own terms we believe we give investors the best insight (what we call the “emotional due diligence”) into the who & why of the startup.
Case Study: Interchange (SingEx)

Interchange is an “identity” network of pioneers, enablers and innovators. Come the end of 2018, Interchange was Asia-Pacific’s only community platform that provides a trusted and moderated environment for professionals (pioneers, enablers, innovators) to form personalised identity networks, focusing on solving industry challenges through collaborative solution approaches.

Webinar Objectives -
- Leverage the online network of trophy guests to advance its goals of Connecting, Engaging and Trading in a trusted global community, 

Interchange Live Webinar - In this webinar, we invite guests William Temple (Ampotech) and Wilson Deng (SMC & Arcstone Pte Ltd) to provide insight on where the real value of IoT lays. Through a series of three episodes, they discuss whether the domestic market in Singapore offers substantial opportunities to grow the cross-industrial collaboration beyond the IoT Industry. 

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